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"Your table for one is ready."

Celebrating 13 Years of Being in Service Through Massage!

After working many years in the corporate world of banking and accounting, Debi was reintroduced to her initial calling... massage.

Established in 2001, Debi has perfected a Spa Style Massage that is deeply relaxing and great for pain-management! If you are new to massage, you'll find her friendly and caring approach to leave even the most body conscious person relaxed and comfortable in her hands.

Whether it's at Debi's studio or on-site at your location, every detail has been thought of and everything is provided for you (for a list of amenities, go to Rates & Special Offers). 

What's Debi's philosophy? To offer her very best massage, each and every time, while addressing the client's specific needs. She listens and honors requests. "While in my care, I take a holistic approach to a person's health goals. Especially after the initial session, I follow up to receive input and share a referral if one is  needed."

As Debi's mentor told her years ago, massage is just one leg of the animal called Health. Other healthy life components include exercise, yoga, retreats, meditation, acupuncture, taking naps, healthy eating habits, getting a good night's sleep and anything else that works for the individual...


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